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Classical Yoga Practices

Classical Hatha

Yoga asana class using therapeutic postures and breathing exercises to mobilize, strengthen and energize every area in the body.

Sivananda Hatha

Sivananda Yoga is a balanced set of postures followed in a prescribed order with periodic relaxation poses, and pranayama. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an energetic practice that can significantly improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being; with kriyas, meditation, pranayama, and chanting.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a form of hatha yoga that emphasizes breath and energy, consisting of six levels with a fixed sequence of postures to promote mental clarity and inner peace.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is part of the Hatha tradition and emphasizes technical alignment to focus the mind inward and stay connected to the present.

26&2 Hatha

26&2 is a type of hot yoga exercise developed by Bikram Choudhury based on the teachings of BC Ghosh. Our class is taught in a warm room (95F). 

Nada Yoga

Nada yoga is an ancient Indian system of inner transformation through sound vibrations. It is a yoga of sound based on the premise that everything in the cosmos, including humans, consists of sound.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga involves holding poses for an extended period, targeting deep tissues and promoting relaxation.

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Discover the transformative power of yoga by joining our vibrant community. Immerse yourself in the classical teachings of this ancient practice,

tailored for today's culture.

Start your journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual well-being today!

New Memebers!

Intro Special

$40/ for 30 days

New to So'ham? Enjoy unlimited yoga for $40 in your first month.

Attend as many classes as you like!

(ashtanga yoga not included)

Student Monthly Membership


Are you a student looking to manage stress and increase focus? Hop on this deal to save on unlimited yoga each month. 

(for enrolled students)

Family Plan


Managing a household can get pricey and challenging at times. This family plan is for both of you to enjoy unlimited yoga each month. Practice together or separately.

(for same household)

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Yoga beyond the postures

At So'ham Studio we provide our members the necessary tools to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. Our goal is to unite individuals with their inner selves and help them discover, explore and enjoy their life journey. Offering weekly teachings, practices and events for our community.

Sound Healing Gong Bath

& Full Moon Meditation

Surrender into the Healing Vibrations of the Sacred Gongs and Tibetan Bowl under the energy of the Full Moon.

Presented by: Breath of Life - Kundalini Yoga

Science & Experiences of Enlightenment

In yoga and spirituality, Samadhi, or enlightenment, is often the least understood concept. Explore the science behind various Samadhis and discuss tools to experience them

Understanding Consciousness for Self-knowledge and Liberation

As we undergo the transformation process, we experience various levels of consciousness. These levels indicate where we are and guide us to the next steps we can take.

SOMA Meditation Teacher Training Program

Soma with Canadian Yoga Alliance are now offering 100-Hour SOMA Meditation Teacher Training Program The Most Comprehensive, Science-Based Training Program for Complete Health and Transformation.

What's up in July

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-Bishnu Ghosh

"Yoga re-energizes, reorganizes and revitalizes"


I was nervous starting my yoga journey a few months ago and I am so happy I was drawn to So'ham Studio. I have done the yoga tour of Hamilton and So'ham is by far my favourite. Inviting and warm atmosphere fuelled by inspiring teachers. Highly recommended.

Suki Murley

Listen. If you're looking for an average yoga class, this isn't it. These be EXTRAORDINARY experiences with dope instructors! Beginner friendly classes to expert, no matter your level, So'ham Studio has got your back! The knowledge and wisdom from this team, is unparalleled.

A cozy and down-to-earth place to challenge yourself and improve your yoga practice. I especially love the Saturday morning 26&2 Hatha yoga class! Great people and convenient location.

In the heart of Hamilton

So'ham Studio is located in the neighbourhood of Locke St.

With 403 highway access and mountain access via Queen St. and Garth.

Parking lot with Free Parking!
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